Academic visit of the students of the Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering

Once again this year, FCC’s glass recycling plant in Cadrete has welcomed students from the University of Zaragoza’s Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering.

The group was made up of sixteen students, who were able to see first-hand the recycling facilities for glass packaging waste from all over Aragon, managed through Ecovidrio.

They were also interested in the recycling of flat glass waste from nearby private companies. This waste is treated to remove the unwanted materials such as ceramics, stones and paper. The result is a glass cullet, which is clean and suitable for the production of glass wool as an insulating material in the building industry.

Como ingenieros/as de procesos o de producción en empresas del sector químico y otros sectores, es habitual la incorporación de profesionales salidos de este máster en empresas de producción de vidrio, papel, productos químicos, productos alimentarios, industria farmacéutica, textil, automoción, sector del metal…

A todos ellos les agradecemos la atención prestada durante la visita y mucho éxito en su vida profesional.

Alumni of the Master’s in Chemical Engineering