At FCC Ámbito – Glass Recycling, as with the whole FCC group, we always include Quality and Health and Safety in all our activities and we always respect the Environment.

That’s why we always use the most innovative technical resources and we have a highly qualified team of personnel that shares the company’s philosophy regarding Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental Protection and that follows the standards set by our Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety System.

The production and storage areas, as well as the production equipment, have been selected in accordance with the characteristics required to achieve the best process, complete safety and minimal pollution.

The Quality of the CRISMOL® ground glass is a primary goal, which is why we prevent and eliminate any contamination before, during and after the industrial process, making sure that all the steps of sifting, grinding and separating comply with the production and quality standards.

Our Quality system is structured according to the ISO 9000, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9004:2000 standards, ensuring that it is customer focussed and complies with the characteristics regarding the Quality of the process and the Quality of the product.

We FCC Ámbito – Glass Recycling are actively involved in Health and Safety and the Prevention of accidents, as we believe that an accident can always be prevented. We are committed to guaranteeing and increasing the levels of safety, health and well-being of all our workers, suppliers and customers.

Here you can check our Politics of Quality, Environment protection and Health and safety prevention.

Politics of quality, environment and laboral risk prevention

Since we know that Health and Safety and Environmental Protection depends on everyone: workers, customers and suppliers, the Policies of the group are available through which we communicate our commitment to continuous improvements regarding all the aforementioned matters.

Certificates of quality, environment and laboral risk prevention

FCC ámbito – Glass Recycling support the quality of our services and products, together with the protection of environment and health of our team. Because of these reasons, we work in every process of our company always according to the standards set by our Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety System system.


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