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FCC Ámbito – Glass Recycling collaborates with ECOVIDRIO in the collection and treatment of glass containers produced in many mancomunities of Spain through a big network of containers (green bottle banks) where the citizen can throw them out.

FCC Ámbito – Glass Recycling currently manages over 17,000 bottle banks that cover and provide a service to over 4.7 million inhabitants. These green bottle banks are automatically emptied into the back of a crane truck and taken straight to the treatment plants.

ECOVIDRIO ensures the correct and best collection and treatment of the waste containers throughout the whole of Spain, because ECOVIDRIO coordinates all the companies that deal with glass waste management (like FCC Ámbito – Glass Recycling) and all the companies that manufacture new glass containers (production furnaces).

We are also in direct contact with hotels and catering companies so we can place a bottle bank in the vicinity and collect the glass they throw away..

If you have hollow glass from drinks bottles, call us and we will arrange collection.