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Crismol® glass is used in construction sector because of beautiful and isolating reasons. The several colours are resistant to time and climate.


Decoration of vertical surfaces: the Crismol® glass in used in facades to get a unic colour, texture and brightness that give new buildings an esthetic and modern touch.

A beautiful example is our facility in Muel.

Crismol - Construccion - fachada Muel

Manufacture of kitchen worktops: Crismol® glass is used as aggregate in manufacture of synthetic surfaces and boards.

Crismol<sup>®</sup> glass provides kitchen slabs with unique and original depth and brightness.


Crismol - construccion - Encimera Silestone

Resin based paving: glass embedded in resin can be used to manufacture paving of different colours and textures, with the main advantage that the glass keeps its colour despite being polished.

We FCC Ámbito – Glass Recycling collaborate with leading companies in the manufacture and use of continuous paving, to produce a hard-wearing and decorative surface suitable for industrial and domestic use, both indoors and outdoors.


reto_Construccion - pavimento continuo

Cement or asphalt based paving: the use of recycled glass in the manufacture of cement and asphalt for the construction industry gives these materials better fluidity properties, refraction or a more intense colour, as well as the ecological advantage it offers as it reduces the need to use virgin raw materials.

Today Crismol glass is used in mortars, bricks, tubes and more pieces of construction sector.

Decoration and craftwork

Crismol® glass has many functions as a coloured and translucent materials for use in artistic vases or glasses, perfume bottles, lamps, doors, aquariums or toilet pans or any other household item that requires a touch of colour.


Garden design: the use of different coloured glass to replace stones or sand in garden areas allows landscape gardeners to create authentic works of art with their own style.

We FCC Ámbito – Glass Recycling collaborate with Architect and Landscape firms to offer them glass of the required colour and size for each type of paving or flooring: gardens, flower beds, paths, etc.


reto_Crismol - Decoracion - jardinera

Filter media for water

Crismol® glass is perfect as filter media to reduce water contamination in pools.

Its non-porosity quality prevent seaweeds and bacterias proliferation, reducing chemicals consumption.

Moreover, because Crismol® glass comes from industries and have been never used, it is 100% glass.

Crismol - Filtracion de agua

Treatment of surfaces

Crismol® glass is used since many years for abrasive blasting for cleaning facades or metallic materials, especially stainless steel, achieving a metal surface treated with an optimal polish.

Additive in chemical industry

Crismol® glass is used as an additive to paints and resins to give them fluidity and refractory properties. Also it gives the surfaces some roughness to prevent slips.