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FCC Group

FCC ámbito - Glass Recycling belogs to FCC Group, global reference company in the environmental services, water and infrastructure sectors with more than 100 years experience delivering services to citizens all over the world.

Diversifying our business has allowed us to offer a global service to citizens, covering from infrastructure development to the provision of environmental services and water to the community. We help to make sustainable cities.

FCC approaches business management from the design and delivery of intelligent services to citizens. To this end, it has developed an extensive range of services that prioritise eco-efficiency.

Every day more than 59,000 FCC people around the world interact with citizens, trying to get a higher day-to-day sustainability.

Together, we can create socially-integrated cities.

Please find in this link our presentation with our main references and contracts done by FCC Group: Presentation

FCC Citizen Services and FCC Environment

FCC Environment is a world leader in environmental services, operating since 1911. At present, it provides municipal services throughout Spain and other countries in Europe and America, through: FCC Medio Ambiente (Spain), FCC Environment Portugal, FCC Ámbito, FCC Environment (UK), FCC Environment (CEE) and FCC Environmental Services (USA).

It currently provides environmental services to almost 60 million people in around 5,000 municipalities in 12 countries. It has more than a century of experience and this is demonstrated by the variety of services provided: collection, treatment, recycling, energy recovery and disposal of solid urban waste; cleaning of public roads; maintenance of sewage networks; maintenance and conservation of green areas; maintenance and cleaning of buildings and installations; treatment and disposal of industrial waste; and recovery of contaminated soil.

FCC Servicios Medio Ambiente which is the backbone of the Environmental Services activities, is structured into four geographical divisions:

  • Iberia: FCC Medio Ambiente (Spain), FCC Environment Portugal and FCC Ámbito (Industrial Waste)
  • United Kingdom: FCC Environment UK
  • Central and Eastern Europe: FCC Environment CEE
  • USA: FCC Environmental Services

FCC ámbito - Glass Recycling

We recover and recycle household and industrial waste glass, producing cullet and Crismol® glass products.

Since we started in 1975, our team’s aim has always been to recover and increase the value of glass waste, thereby closing the life cycle of glass and directly contributing to the conservation of the environment.

These are our goals:

  • To improve energy efficiency of our glass recycling process and to minimise its environmental impact
  • To offer an excellent service of collecting glass waste
  • To treat and recover the glass waste to produce crushed glass products with a very high quality, competent to be used as secundary raw material: CRISMOL®

These are our means:

  • A high motivated team with technical experience of more than 40 years.
  • Three industrial facilities with the best available technologies (mills, sieves and optical machines), competent to remove every impurity from glass flow, even paper, plastics and any kind of stone, ceramic, etc.

Who are our customers?

  • Companies that produce glass waste such as glaziers, bottling plants, scrap yards, etc.
  • Cities and macomunities where we collect hollow containers glass in colaboration with ECOVIDRIO.
  • Companies of construction sector, where Crismol® recycled glass is used as raw material for countertops, slabs, paving, gardens, etc.