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FCC ámbito - Glass Recycling

We recover and recycle household and industrial waste glass and our team have been working over 40 years in this industry.

Since we started in 1975, our team’s aim has always been to recover and increase the value of glass waste, thereby closing the life cycle of glass and directly contributing to the conservation of the environment.

These are our goals:

  • To improve energy efficiency of our glass recycling process and to minimise its environmental impact
  • To offer an excellent service of collecting glass waste
  • To treat and recover the glass waste to produce new glass products with a very high quality, competent to be used as secundary raw material: CRISMOL

These are our means:

  • A high motivated team with technical experience of more than 40 years.
  • Three industrial facilities with the best available technologies (mills, sieves and optical machines), competent to remove every impurity from glass flow, even paper, plastics and any kind of stone, ceramic, etc.

FCC ÁMBITO - Glass Recycling provides services to numerous companies that produce glass waste such as glaziers, bottling plants, scrap yards, etc. For sorting and cleaning this waste glass, we have the most advanced technology for glass recycling and a highly qualified production team.

To ensure a quality service, we offer to our customers the technical and human resources necessary at each stage adapting them to suit the needs of the waste producing companies, far and wide throughout the country and internationally.

From high quality industrial glass (low impurity content), we produce glass crushed to different grain sizes and in many different colours, depending on its origin and always following the customer’s technical specifications. The result is homogenous glass, with the designated grain size and stable colour called CRISMOL®.

Moreover, FCC Ámbito – Glass Recycling collaborates with ECOVIDRIO in the collection and treatment of glass containers produced in many communities of Spain, producing a high quality glass cullet, competent to be used for the production of new glass containers (bottles, tins..).

The experience we have gained from recycling glass for over 35 years and belonging to an industrial service-oriented group like FCC Ámbito, along with the trust that Councils, glass factories, etc. have placed in us are our best guarantee and fill us with pride.