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In FCC ámbito - Glass Recycling we undergo a continuous innovation process in response to the new challenges of glass recycling of this century. For this reason, we collaborate with several Technological centers and Universities to develop new methods and machines for treating any kind of glass waste.

In particular, because the technology of the glass sorting machines is constantly progressing, we actively cooperate with the leading companies of artificial vision devices, adapting our machinery to use the best techniques available at all times.

On one hand, we know that each customer is different, and that each use needs specific characteristics regarding colour and grain size.

On the other hand, companies today, increasingly linked to protecting the environment and making the best use of recycled materials and energy, need crushed glass with very specific grain sizes, which means that the specific production process of fine glass is in a constant process of improvement and innovation.

Because of these reasons, at FCC Ámbito – Glass Recycling we are constantly innovating to develop different recycling systems and machinery to respond to the requirements and needs of each customer.

All this innovation process is possible thanks to our team, that has been recycling glass for over 40 years and has extensive knowledge of the sector. Therefore we can develop new products with many different uses with the safety and guarantee that our experience gives us.

Certificate of Innovation and Product Development

I+D department' staff design new technologies and recycling processes that protect enviroment. Our work has been audited and certified by the competent independent professionally qualified association EQA.