Students of the Master in Chemical Engineering, welcome!

We welcome at the FCC Glass recycling plant in Cadrete, to the students of the University of Zaragoza who this year have started the Master in Chemical Engineering.

They have learned the different types of glass waste that arrive at the plant and have seen its treatment and classification process, being able to verify that FCC’s glass cullet is the ideal raw material to manufacture new glass bottles.

These students, always attentive, ended the visit asking numerous questions about the Quality and Environmental Certifications that FCC Group has in its Cadrete plant and they wanted to know more about our commitment to society and its sustainable development.

In the FCC Group we are committed to the 2030 Agenda and we contribute directly, through numerous activities and projects, to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals since their approval by the UN in 2015.

The company’s trajectory in the area of ​​Corporate Social Responsibility shows the link between the Group’s strategy and the SDGs, internalizing the commitments of the 2030 Agenda.