Students from the Río Gállego Training Center visited the FCC Glass recycling plant in Cadrete

Two groups of students from the Río Gallego Training Center have visited the FCC Ambito plant for the recycling of glass waste in the town of Cadrete (Zaragoza). The Río Gállego Center provides training in the areas of the environment, gardening, nursery, agriculture, forestry, floral art and free time in specialties that correspond to the demands of the labor market.

This visit has been carried out within the framework of the activities organized by said Center. Students from the Waste Management course have been able to see first-hand how the REV glass container waste generated on the Autonomous Community of Aragon.

During the visit, students were able to learn about all phases of production process, from the initial weighing of the REV received on the scale, to the final quality analysis of the glass cullet, which is stored in the finished product area. They have also participated in an informative talk on the Integrated Management System, ECOVIDRIO, for all REVs in Spain.