We receive the “Aragón Circular Seal” for our activity Glass Recycling

The glass recycling activity of FCC Ámbito, subsidiary of FCC Servicios Medio Ambiente, leader in Spain and Portugal in the management of industrial and commercial waste, by-product recovery and soil decontamination, has received the “Aragón Circular Seal” through its facilities in the autonomous community. This distinction awarded by the Government of Aragon is a public recognition to companies, local administrations and entities in general for their commitment to the circular economy model, for the performance of best practices and actions to improve their circularity within the framework of an excellent, innovative and sustainable management.

The main objective of this recognition is to make the degree of implementation of circular economy principles visible within the management of the applicant organisation, its impact along the value chain and its contribution to achieving a sustainable, decarbonised, resource-efficient and competitive economy in Aragon.

FCC Ámbito’s candidacy was among the ten entities with the highest score of the nearly one hundred that entered this second call for applications. Among the issues assessed, especially relevant to FCC Ámbito’s Glass Recycling activity, are the contribution of the organisation’s activity to circularity throughout the value chain (partners, customers, suppliers, users, etc.), best practices in circular economy with the company’s workforce assigned to its implementation and development, communication and/or awareness-raising actions carried out and the participation in R&D&I projects that promote circularity.

FCC Ámbito has been present in the glass recycling sector for over 40 years. In addition to the treatment of glass containers of domestic origin, the company offers its services to multiple industries that generate glass waste, such as glassworks, bottling plants, car scrapyards, etc. In 2022, FCC Ámbito treated more than 181,900 tonnes of different types of glass in its plants, an essential previous step for the reintegration of these materials into production cycles.